Company History

IN THE LATE 1940′s shortly after WWII, a young Stanley D. Myers joined a small electric supply company and motor rewind shop. While working for this company, Stan continued to gain and expand his knowledge of transformer maintenance. As the company grew, it was contracted to service and rewind a variety of transformers. Noticing the various conditions of the oil in these transformers, Stan believed that the condition of the oil was a major factor in the reliability of the transformer and he continued to study and research this subject on his own.

IN 1965, Stan formed his own company called “The Transformer Consultants,” later to become SD Myers, Inc. He invented the “Re-refiner,” the first piece of equipment that removed moisture, gas, acids and sludge from the oil while the transformer was energized. He also improved test data through refinement of sampling techniques and diagnosis.

SINCE 1965 SDMyers has been an innovator of new products and services, and a market pioneer. Although we have expanded, modified and brought new services and products to the market, we are still…accessible, friendly and knowledgeable. SD Myers has the largest transformer oil testing lab in the world and was the first company in Summit County to have a wind turbine erected. During 2012, SD Myers was awarded all four Safety Council Member Awards by Summit County, Ohio.

What is SDMyers All About Today?

We are more than a service company focused on transformers, we are a community-aligned company focused on being an advocate for our customers while building a “Good Place” — a common attitude governed by Biblical principles and values.

What’s Next for SDMyers?

With over 50 years in business, we recognize that the market we serve is now, more than ever, in need of extending the life of the transformer to 50+ years (our MaxLife Philosophy). We will not only expand the application of MaxLife with new products and services, but expand globally. It’s about exceeding expectations with benchmarks higher than the status quo.

SDMyers Milestones:

  • 1965 – SDMyers founded
  • 1975 – SDMyers Training division formed
  • 1981 – Transformer Maintenance Guide released
  • 1985 – SDMyers moves into larger facility
  • 1987 – Electric coil division started
  • 2001 – 2nd edition of Transformer Maintenance Guide
  • 2004 – 3rd edition of Transformer Maintenance Guide; Rewind division sold
  • 2005 – 1st Spanish language edition of Transformer Maintenance Guide
  • 2008 – MaxLife Consulting introduced
  • 2009 – SDMyers re-launches Field Service division
  • 2010 – Certification Program was introduced (new training facility and learning lab)
  • 2011 – DryMax GT self-regen online dryer released
  • 2012 – InsulMax 1,000 filter / live monitoring released
  • 2012 – Transformer Dashboard management data program released
  • 2013 – Enhanced Learning Series developed/introduced; Field Service expanded
  • 2014 – Transformer Dashboard major upgrade & enhancements released
  • 2014 – SDMyers website major upgrade & Customer Portal released
  • 2016 – SDMyers became a Good Place Holdings Company
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