Honolulu, HI - April 9-11, 2018


Advanced Transformer Management (formerly Transformer 360)

Transformer Management Essentials: Re-Energized!
This one-day review course takes a new and updated look at the latest standards and best practices in transformer reliability. It covers the fundamentals of transformer oil sampling, testing, analytics and diagnostics. This course provides a solid introduction to transformer maintenance and is also a good review for anyone previously trained.

  • Transformer Basics
  • Solid Insulation
  • Liquid Insulation
  • Testing Insulating Liquids
  • Working with Test Data
  • Transformer Maintenance
  • Industry Developments

Credits: 0.8 CEU, 8 PDH / day


Risk and Reliability: Day Two AM
This segment provides the foundation for moving from a testing and maintenance strategy to a reliability strategy. It includes helpful information from the insurance industry and reliability best-practice tools.

  • From Maintenance to Reliability
  • Criticality Assessment
  • The Risk Priority Number Method
  • Failure Modes Effects Analysis
  • Reliability-Centered Maintenance


Dissolved Gas Analysis: Day Two PM
This segment is an intensive look at DGA, one of the primary tools for monitoring the health of your transformer. The emphasis is on the changing technology itself and on understanding and using the data generated to make wise, practical decisions.

  • The Rationale for DGA
  • The Sources of Gas in Transformers
  • Interpreting the Presence of Gas
  • DGA Monitors
  • DGA Results Activity

Credits: 0.8 CEU, 8 PDH / day 


Load Tap Changers: Day Three AM
This segment underscores the oft-neglected importance of testing and maintaining LTCs. Our experience has shown that many otherwise well-trained professionals benefit greatly from this training module.

  • Overview of Voltage Regulation
  • The First Rule of Load Tap Changing
  • LTC Theory
  • Review of Components
  • Types of LTCs
  • Oil Aging in LTCs
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Routine Monitoring and Testing


Electrical Testing: Day Three PM
This segment is dedicated to the important role of electrical testing in pursuit of an in-depth transformer condition assessment. The session also provides an examination of more advanced testing and maintenance strategies.

  • Power Factor Overview
  • Transformer Excitation Current
  • Transformer Turns Ratios
  • Four Types of Resistance
  • Swept Frequency Response Analysis
  • Case Studies

Credits: 0.8 CEU, 8 PDH / day

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Advanced Transformer Management
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