Minneapolis, MN- July 23-26, 2018


Transformer Management Essentials (formerly Half-Century Transformer)

Since 1975, this course has stood the test of time and has benefited thousands of people who are competent, confident and reliable.

This course provides a foundational understanding of the internal and external elements of the transformer, the essentials of transformer operation and maintenance implementation and related industry standards. It covers the chemical, mechanical and electrical components of the transformer, the purpose and operating characteristics of these components, the significant requirements and methods for maintenance, and the major testing involved in maintenance.


  • Transformer Basics
  • Solid Insulation Life and Aging
  • Insulating Liquids
  • Standards, Regulations, and New Technologies
  • Testing Insulating Liquids
  • Moisture in Transformers
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Analysis of Furanic Compounds
  • Electrical Testing
  • Interpreting Oil Test Results
  • Applied Transformer Maintenance
  • Life Maintenance Program
Credits: 2.1 CEU, 21 PDH

In-Service Inspection & Sampling of Fluid-Filled Transformers

Learn how to properly inspect and safely obtain fluid samples from energized electrical transformers.

This class is for substation personnel whose responsibilities include sampling and monitoring the overall condition of fluid filled transformers.


  • Safety
  • Special Care Transformers
  • Transformer Part & Visual Inspection
  • Inspection Forms/Nameplates/Gauges
  • Sampling Containers
  • Proper Sampling
  • Nitrogen Blanket
  • Packaging
  • Why Oil Test
  • The importance of monitoring the insulation
Credits: 0.7 CEU, 7 PDH

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Transformer Management Essentials
In-Service Inspection & Sampling of Fluid-Filled Transformers
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