Tallmadge, OH - November 5-9, 2018

Transformer Lifecycle Management

Learning Objectives

Provides advanced education to manage a maintenance program and/or lead the overall delivery and execution of that program. Build fundamental concepts to understand the transformer lifecycle from procurement through installation through end of life and assess equipment risks.

Develop expertise to create purchase and repair specifications, coordinate factory inspections, understand acceptance testing, adhere to transportation and installation requirements, create risk assessments, and make proper field or shop repair decisions. Students will be able to make informed and timely decisions regarding all aspects of a transformer and its components in order to maximize the return on investment of these assets.


You will have four days of learning consisting of multiple education formats such as classroom instruction with practical application exercises, review and understanding of a purchasing specification, review and understanding of a commissioning plan. You will be able to add an additional class (elective) of your choice that is specific to a topic, piece of equipment, or area of expertise.


You will be able to plan, develop and implement an effective transformer management plan.  You will be able to participate in and direct the planning and implementation of effective system operation and maintenance programs, and become a valuable specialist in the management of equipment.

You will determine whether to purchase or repair a transformer, coordinate inspections, assess equipment risks, and determine adequate and timely repair resolutions to make appropriate capital budgeting decisions.

Participation in practical exercises, activities, and case study analysis performed in class will equip you in determining appropriate capital investments based on transformer purchase or repair options, inspections, transportation and risk analysis. 

Interactive Learning & Tour

  • Transformer Learning Lab
  • Interactive demonstration & discussion of the repair & rewind process at a local repair facility
    (Equipment & operations demos, factory electrical testing)

Course Outline


  • Forecasting Needs
  • Application Sizing
  • New vs. Remanufactured
  • Vendor Qualifications
  • Inspections & Testing


  • Commissioning, Installation, and Testing
  • Spill Containment
  • Shipping & Receipt
  • Assembly, Filling, and Commissioning
  • Electrical Testing – Arrival and after Filling
  • Energizing


  • Transformer Design and Fundamentals Review
  • Categorizing Transformers
  • Contingency Plan
  • Field & Shop Repair Options
  • Replacement Availability
  • Financial Calculations
  • Forecasting End of Reliable Life
  • Formalizing Your Plan


  • Types of Assets
  • Risk Based Asset Management
  • Electrical System Assessment
  • Maintenance Programs & Online Monitors
  • Transformer Assessment
  • Case Studies and Conclusion

Advanced DGA Diagnostics

Advanced perspective on how dissolved gas analysis (DGA) results are interpreted – an important tool in the overall transformer maintenance program. Includes hands-on break out groups.

This class is intended to identify fault gases and what causes their formation; explain and provide examples of qualitative and quantitative interpretation of dissolved gasses. This class will also evaluate the condition of cellulose insulation and other non-routine tests, examine the role DGA plays in new oil testing and discuss procedures to obtain a representative sample from transformers, and how to mitigate risk.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own transformer data to use as a case study for interpretation of dissolved gases or to help develop a maintenance program.


  • Maintenance and Sampling Oil
  • Introduction to Oil Testing
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Non-Routine Oil Analysis
  • Group Workshop on DGA Case Studies
Credits: 0.7 CEU, 7 PDH

In-Service Inspection & Sampling of Fluid-Filled Transformers

Learn how to properly inspect and safely obtain fluid samples from energized electrical transformers.

This class is for substation personnel whose responsibilities include sampling and monitoring the overall condition of fluid filled transformers.


  • Safety
  • Special Care Transformers
  • Transformer Part & Visual Inspection
  • Inspection Forms/Nameplates/Gauges
  • Sampling Containers
  • Proper Sampling
  • Nitrogen Blanket
  • Packaging
  • Why Oil Test
  • The importance of monitoring the insulation
Credits: 0.7 CEU, 7 PDH

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Transformer Lifecycle Management
Advanced DGA Diagnostics
In-Service Inspection & Sampling Fluid-Filled Transformers (hands-on)
BUNDLED Courses Transformer Lifecycle Management and DGA
BUNDLED Courses Transformer Lifecycle Management and Sampling
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