Electrical Testing - Power Factor Testing (hands-on)

A More In Depth Understanding of Power Factor Testing In The Field Plus DTA Software NavigationĀ And Hands-On Testing Of Various Types Of Equipment

This 2-day class will give the student a more in-depth understanding of Power Factor testing in the field. The Power Factor measures the strength of the insulation in the transformer. The insulation system is the weakest link in the transformer and can deteriorate over time. At some point, the dielectric strength of this insulation can be compromised and the insulation will fail. The Power Factor is a measurement of the efficiency of the transformer's insulation system and therefore a reliable electrical test to detect deterioration that may cause significant issues with the operation of the transformer. This course will also cover Power Factor testing of bushings and circuit breakers as well as a review of theĀ Doble test assistant (DTA) software on various types of equipment.

This course will provide the basic knowledge needed to begin electrical testing in the field.


  • Power Factor Theory
  • Test Circuits
  • Transformer power factor tests
  • Bushing Tests
  • Breaker Tests (OCB and SF6)
  • Excitation currents tests
  • Turns Ratio Tests
  • The Doble test assistant software (DTA)
  • The knowledge needed for basic electrical field testing
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