Electrical Testing - Understanding Power Factor Testing for Transformers, Bushings, and Breakers

  • Cost: $800.00
  • Intermediate Course
  • 1-Day Course
  • 0.7 CEU / 7 PDH / 7 NETA CTD

Course Summary

This is a one-day class that gives an in depth understanding of Power Factor Testing in the field. The Power Factor is a measurement of the efficiency of the transformer's insulation system and therefore a reliable electrical test to detect deterioration that may cause significant issues with the operation of the transformer.

What You'll Learn

  • Power factor theory
  • Test circuits
  • Transformer power factor test
  • Bushing tests
  • Breaker tests (OCB and SF6)
  • Excitation current tests
  • Turns ratio tests (TTR)

This course is also available as customer on-site training.

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