Principles of Transformer Maintenance

  • Cost: $1,250.00
  • Introductory Course
  • 1.4 CEU / 14 PDH / 14 NETA CTD

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Course Summary

This course introduces the student to a range of topics summarizing the fundamentals of transformers and transformer maintenance including basic electric concepts, introduction to transformers, solid and liquid insulation, oil testing and analysis, basic electrical testing, and maintenance. Students can bring their own transformer oil test data to use as a class case study and/or get personalized assistance from an instructor.

What You'll Learn

  • Generation, transmission and distribution of electric power
  • Design, construction and materials used in transformers
  • Conditions that accelerate aging
  • Analytical oil tests, results and recommendations
  • Applying maintenance principles for life extension
  • Moisture in transformers
  • Basic electrical testing principles
  • The purpose of liquid and solid insulation
  • and more…

This course is also available as customer on-site training.

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