Condition Assessment

Identify Risks and Conditions of your Transformer Equipment

Our Condition Assessment Report details the unit’s current condition, the risks associated with these conditions and lists the actions required now and in the future to repair, maintain and protect the unit.

Key and customized components included in this service:

  • Data Mining 
    Gather and summarize historic data on age, source and historic records, incidents and historic electrical and fluid testing results
  • Current Condition
    Through the most recent fluid test, electrical test and mechanical services record, combined with a site inspection when necessary, the current condition is defined
  • Unit Specific Application
    Define the critical application, your practical and direct reliance on this unit, risk definition and budgetary cost for loss of the unit
  • Condition Assessment
    Detail on the current condition, risks associated with the conditions and detail on actions required now and in the future for this unit

Imagine being able to identify the problem, the failure potential, and the solutions required to extend the life expectancy of critical HV equipment. We give you tools to apply for funding for maintenance and outline specific services that may be required by transformer service companies.

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