DryMax® Passive Moisture Reduction

Can you afford sudden failure?

If you can’t afford failure, you can’t afford to operate with a wet transformer. Excess moisture in your transformer causes severe and irreversible damage to your transformer’s paper insulation. In fact, every time the moisture content doubles, the paper’s lifespan is cut in half. And every year you delay fixing the problem? You lose approximately two years of reliable service. Degraded paper also increases your risk of flashover and dielectric failure. Utilizing proven DryMax® technology, SDMyers can help.

Stay powered on with an energized moisture reduction solution.
An energized online dryer solution, DryMax connects directly to your live transformer for as long as it takes to completely remove moisture. Upon installation, it immediately starts preventing further degradation of your paper insulation to improve your reliability. Along with a trusted service agreement, the DryMax solution offers:

Customize your DryMax Moisture Reduction Plan (DMRP).
By collaborating with our reliability experts, you can focus on a complete solution – not a single problem. Chances are that if one of your transformers is generating moisture alerts, the rest are only a step behind. That’s why SDMyers wants our relationship to be about collaboration – not transactions. We can work closely with you to understand your operating reality and tailor a proactive DMRP that protects your entire fleet for its entire lifespan. Contact us to discuss DMRP solution options.

See why DryMax is the most effective option.
There are actually four primary methods for moisture reduction but, chances are, three of the four are not a good fit for your needs. Watch this video to learn why!

Questions about how a wet transformer affects your bottom line? Contact our reliability experts

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