Intelligent solutions that extend the life of your transformer.

SD Myers produces top-of-the-line equipment for the maintenance and repair of your transformer. We have developed solutions that will remove moisture and contaminants from the fluid and insulation and reduce fluid temperatures, which are the keys to transformer life extension.

We are the leader in reliable and cost-effective oil processing equipment backed by 48 years of testing and field experience on equipment ranging from 100kVA to 1,100mVA. We’ve processed over one billion gallons of oil using services such as dehydration, oil reclamation, vacuum filling, and vacuum dry-outs.


Announcements & News

  • Transformer Dashboard Update // We've updated the Transformer Dashboard to provide you with better solutions to manage your transformer - Enhanced Dashboard View and Navigation, Online Monitor Service, Chemical-Mechanical-Electrical data, Summary Reports.
  • Guardian Services // We have developed a fault gas monitoring program that is both cost-effective and professionally analyzed. We will observe your data, inform you of issues, and advise you of solution options.
  • IR Scanning // Adding infrared scanning at the time of inspection and sampling contributes to a more accurate assessment of your transformer's condition. We are equipped nationwide for your infrared scanning needs.



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