SampleSafe™ Safe Oil Sampling for Cabinet Style Transformers

SampleSafe™ eliminates the need to open the transformer cabinet for routine oil sampling or oil processing.

The SampleSafe system is contained in a stainless steel locking enclosure and mounted outside of the transformer cabinet and away from energized conductors. SampleSafe allows technicians to obtain oil samples safely, without opening the cabinet, thus reducing the risk of exposure to energized equipment.

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Choose from 2 models:

Base Unit: Access for sampling through a single exterior stainless steel enclosure for safe access to the vent and sample valve. The oil valve and vent are routed from inside the transformer cabinet to valves in the SampleSafe unit, away from electrical hazards. The base unit includes a window, which allows a clear view of the pressure and/or vacuum and level gauges within the cabinet. The base unit can be fitted with an optional high-quality pressure vacuum gauge.

Full Service Unit: In addition to the standard features in the base unit, the full service unit includes an additional exterior enclosure for access to the transformer’s top valve for sampling or oil processing while the transformer is energized.

SampleSafe units should be installed by a trained and qualified SDMI technician on your de-energized transformer.

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  • The SampleSafe is made of substation quality stainless steel
  • Locks with your own company padlock, keyed by you for your security program
  • NEC rated grounding lug
  • NEMA rated enclosure
  • High-quality hoses rated at 1,720 psi
  • Static ground
  • Bronze sample and vent valves
  • Qualitrol pressure-vacuum gauge
  • Optional viewing window

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