Do you know the level of inhibitor in your transformer? 

Inhibitor is necessary to protect the oil from oxidation.  In the absence of inhibitor, oxygen and heat will create harmful oxidation by-products such as acids, esters, peroxides, moisture and sludge.  These by-products accelerate the aging rate of the oil and the solid insulation.  Removing these by-product contaminants is vital in maximizing the useful life of the transformer – or your insulation could begin to look like this…

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Our extensive data shows transformer owners who maintain the inhibitor levels properly will significantly extend the life of their transformer.

Although reinhibiting can be performed on an energized transformer, this process requires experience in energized reinhibiting and the knowledge to evaluate and determine whether energized processing can be performed safely.  Our experience with reinhibiting energized transformers can save you the inconvenience of hours of downtime.

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